Can the court take money from someone’s bank account if I have a court order against them?

5. Learn what to do if the Notice of Garnishment expires, or the debt is paid

If your Notice of Garnishment expires

A Notice of Garnishment can last 6 years.

If that time is almost over and you haven't been paid what is owed, you can renew your Notice of Garnishment. Each renewal lasts another 6 years.

To renew the , complete and file with the court:

If the debt is paid

If the debt is paid before the Notice of Garnishment expires, you must immediately a Notice of Termination of Garnishment to the garnishees and the . This lets them know they should stop making payments to you.

If you don't serve the Notice of Termination of Garnishment, and the keeps taking money from the , the debtor can take you to court to get that money back.

You can serve your documents:

  • in person
  • by mail or fax
  • by courier
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