extrajudicial measures

Extrajudicial Measures (EJMs) are a type of youth diversion.

Diversion is when criminal charges are taken out of the court and dealt with in a more informal way. That means dealing with your charges without having a trial or pleading guilty. If you accept EJM, your court case is put on hold while you:

  • attend a program
  • take a course, or
  • complete other tasks away from the court

Once you finish your program, course, or other tasks, your court case will be closed.

If you accept EJM, you will have a youth record for 2 months. EJM records are much shorter than EJS records. A record for EJS lasts for 2 years.

The police can offer EJM before they charge you with a crime. The Crown can offer EJM after the police charge you.

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