I’m taking my landlord to the LTB. How do I change the hearing date?

The (LTB) will expect you to be available and ready on the hearing date shown on your Notice of Hearing.

But sometimes something unexpected happens and you are unable to go to the hearing on the date the LTB set.

Or sometimes you find out that an important witness is not available on that date, or you're not able to get an important piece of by then.

If you can't go ahead on the hearing date, you should first ask your landlord and all other named in your if they will agree to change the date. Then ask the LTB as soon as possible to reschedule the hearing.

The LTB might refuse to reschedule if the other don't agree. You will need to have a very good reason why you can't go ahead on the date the LTB has set.

If the LTB won't reschedule the hearing, you will have to go to the hearing or send someone to represent you. At the hearing, you or your representative can ask the to adjourn the hearing. This means to postpone it to another date.

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