What is Drug Treatment Court and how do I participate?

2. Apply to DTC

The forms to apply to Drug Treatment Court (DTC) are usually available from the:

  • Crown's office
  • Duty counsel office, or
  • DTC office, if there is one at your courthouse.

The Crown reviews your forms and decides if you can start the DTC program. This might take a few weeks.

If the Crown lets you start DTC, they tell you which charges you must to. If you agree, the Crown transfers your case to the DTC. There are DTCs in Toronto, Hamilton, Brampton, Oshawa, and many other places in Ontario.

If the Crown does not let you start DTC, your lawyer can give new or updated information and ask them to reconsider. But the Crown makes the final decision.

If you don't have a lawyer, you can apply for a legal aid certificate. If you don't get a certificate, tell or the Crown you want to apply for DTC.

If there’s no DTC where you live

If there's no DTC where you live, your lawyer can ask the Crown to transfer your case to a courthouse that has a DTC. This is called “waiving” your charges.

The Crown at your current court and the Crown at the DTC must both agree. The Crown at the DTC will usually review your DTC application forms before agreeing. You usually have to agree to plead guilty in the DTC.

If you’re in custody

To participate in DTC, you must be on . If you didn't get bail, or you haven't had a yet, you can still apply for DTC. You'll stay in until the Crown agrees to let you start DTC. If the Crown lets you start DTC, they will probably ask you to plead guilty before you're released on bail.

You're not eligible for DTC if you're currently serving a prison . This includes a or , or if you're in immigration . If this is your situation, you can apply for DTC when your sentence is complete or when you're out on an immigration bail.

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