Can the repair shop charge me more than they said they would?

Think about how you were charged

A repair shop cannot do any work on your car without your permission. Once the work is finished, the shop must give you a bill or invoice.

The bill must include:

  • the date you gave permission to do the work
  • the date the shop finished the work and the date they returned the car to you
  • the odometer reading (the number of kilometers your car has travelled) when the repairs were completed
  • a detailed list of all the charges for parts, labour, or anything else
  • the total charge
  • details about any warranties
  • an explanation of your rights under the Consumer Protection Act

If you signed an estimate

Compare your bill with the . Make sure the repair shop:

  • has not charged you more than 10% over the cost of the estimate
  • has done all the work they said they would

If you agreed to a maximum amount for repair costs

If the repair shop agreed to a maximum amount, they cannot charge you more than that amount.

If you did not give your permission in writing

The repair shop must have a written record of your name, the date, and the time you gave your permission. If you gave them permission over the phone, they must also write down the number you called from or the number they called you at.

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