3. Get medical help

Get medical help if your injury does not go away when you get treatment.

You could get medical help by going to your family doctor, a medical clinic, or a hospital.

Your employer must pay any travel costs for you to get medical treatment on the day of your accident.

Give detailed information to the doctor

You need to tell the doctor exactly what happened and all of your symptoms. Make sure the doctor writes down what you say.

You could give the doctor a copy of any notes you made so that the doctor knows exactly what happened.

If you were hurt in more than one place when the accident happened, make sure you tell the doctor this. Even if a part of your body does not really hurt when you see the doctor, it may start to bother you later.

For example, you may have fallen at work and landed on your hands and knees. When you see the doctor, you only have pain in your shoulder from breaking your fall. But when you fell, your knees also hurt. Tell the doctor about this, even if you don't need treatment for your knees. This is because you may develop problems with your knees later on.

If you waited to see a doctor, explain why

If you didn't get medical treatment right away:

  • tell the doctor why you waited, and
  • make sure the doctor writes down what you say. For example, you thought the pain would go away but it didn't.
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