I’ve been fired. When do I get my paperwork and pay?

Get a copy of your Record of Employment

When you're fired or laid off, your employer has to prepare a (ROE). This is a form that asks your employer to fill in information like how long you've worked for your employer, how many hours you worked, and how much you earned.

The form includes a question about the employer's reason for completing the ROE. There are codes the employer must use to answer the question. If you were fired, they will likely choose “M” for “dismissal”. If you apply for Employment Insurance (EI) benefits, you'll be asked to explain why you were fired because this can affect whether you're eligible for EI benefits.

Getting your ROE

If your employer does not give you a paper copy, it's possible they sent your ROE to the government electronically. When this happens, you don't need a copy to apply for EI benefits.

Check with Service Canada. They can give you a copy if your employer sent your ROE in electronically.

You can also ask your employer for your ROE using this letter-writing tool.

Time limit for employers to do the ROE

The rules about how much time an employer has to prepare an ROE are complicated. And the amount of time is different if your employer:

  • gives you a paper copy, or
  • sends the ROE in electronically.
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