I lost my job for reasons beyond my control. Can I get EI?

Employment Insurance (EI) benefits provide some short-term financial help for people who are out of work. Most jobs in Canada take money from your paycheque to pay into the EI program. Even if your employer hasn't paid into the program, you might still be able to get EI.

If you apply more than 4 weeks after you have an , it may be harder to get approved for EI. If you are approved, you might get less money. This is because there will be a large period of time where you have no hours worked and no money earned.

There are different EI benefits that might be available for your situation. These are:

You might be able to get EI regular benefits if you:

  • were employed in
  • lost your job through no fault of your own
  • have not worked or been paid for at least 7 days
  • worked enough hours to qualify for EI, usually in the last 52 weeks

You must also be ready and able to work right away, and actively looking for work.

You might not be able to get EI regular benefits if you:

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