Can I get EI if my employer fired me for doing something wrong?

You can't get Employment Insurance (EI) if you were fired for . Misconduct means that you did something on purpose that is against your job duties. It is not misconduct if you accidentally do something that is against your job duties.

Examples of things that could be misconduct include:

  • threatening someone or any other violent behaviour
  • destroying property on purpose
  • being late or away from work without permission
  • disobeying an order from your boss

The misconduct must be the real reason you were fired. For example, your employer cannot use something that happened a long time ago as an excuse to lay you off several months later when there is not enough work.

Even if you are not sure that you will qualify for EI benefits, it is still a good idea to apply. You might still be able to get benefits even if your boss says that you were fired for doing something wrong. You can write a letter explaining your side of the story and send it in with your EI application. Service Canada staff will decide if you were fired for misconduct or not.

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