2. Gather documents to support your application

Check with the visa office in your area to learn how to apply for a (TRP).

If you're applying online, you have to attach your reasons and documents for asking for a TRP to your Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) application.

Why you need to come to Canada

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) gives TRPs only in special circumstances.

You need documents that show why you need to come to Canada. For example:

  • documents that show you have work or studies in Canada, for example, a job offer
  • documents that show that you have a work-related conference, training session, or meeting
  • medical reports that show a family member is sick or dying in Canada
  • letters of support from anyone in Canada who would be greatly helped if you were here, such as an employer or family member

Documents that describe your inadmissibility

If you're for criminal, medical, or financial reasons, it's important to get legal help.

When you apply for a TRP, you must include documents about your inadmissibility. Get legal help to understand what these documents are.

Criminal reasons

If you're criminally inadmissible to Canada, you should include documents that describe your criminal conviction.

You must also try to show that:

  • there's a low risk that you'll commit this crime again,
  • you're unlikely to be involved in more criminal activity, and
  • you've completed all your sentences, including paying any fines.

Medical reasons

If you're medically inadmissible to Canada, you should include documents that describe your medical issue.

This may include:

  • a letter from a medical professional describing your medical needs
  • proof of medical treatment that's already set up
  • proof of how you'll pay for your medical costs in Canada

Financial reasons

If you're financially inadmissible to Canada, you should include documents that describe your financial situation.

For example, you could include a bank statement that shows the money you have.

Not following immigration laws

If you broke Canada's immigration laws in the past, it's important to show that there are strong reasons for you to enter Canada.

But if you were from Canada in the past, you may need an Authorization to Return to Canada, as well as your TRP. What you need to apply for depends on the type of removal order you received.

If you need an Authorization to Return, returning to Canada without one is a criminal offence. If this applies to you, get legal help.

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