What is a Temporary Resident Permit and how do I apply from outside Canada?

You can apply for a (TRP) if:

  • you're , or
  • you do not meet the requirements to become a .

But you must have strong reasons to enter Canada.

When you apply for a TRP, you must also apply for temporary resident status in Canada, such as a study permit, work permit,  Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). You do this using Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada's online portal.

Why you might need a TRP

You may need to apply for a TRP outside Canada because:

  • you're inadmissible,
  • you broke immigration rules in Canada in the past, or
  • you do not meet the legal requirements to enter Canada.

For example, you may need to enter Canada to:

  • go to a specific work-related event
  • go to a conference
  • visit a family member who is sick or dying
  • go to an important family event, such as a wedding or a funeral

What happens when you get the TRP

It can take several months or even years to find out if your application for a TRP is accepted.

If you get a TRP, you can travel to and stay in Canada for a set amount of time. This might be 6 months. Or, it could be for more or less time based on:

  • why you want to come,
  • how long you asked to stay,
  • how much financial support you have in Canada, and
  • when your passport or other travel document expires.

You cannot leave and return to Canada using your TRP unless the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) authorizes or agrees to it. Contact CBSA and get their authorization before you leave Canada.

Get legal advice

Applying for a TRP can be complicated. Make sure to get legal advice before you apply.

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