How do I sponsor my child or my spouse or partner’s child?

2. Get your documents

Your checklist will say which documents you need to include with your application. For example, you need to include:

  • proof of your status in Canada as a or citizen, or under the Indian Act
  • an identity document, such as a passport, for the child being sponsored
  • proof that there's a parent-child relationship, such as a birth certificate

You can usually send photocopies but Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) requires originals of documents from certain countries. Your package will include instructions for each country you're required to send documents for.

If you don't include all the required documents, IRCC will send the application back as incomplete. So if you cannot get a required document, explain why.

Proof that a child is a dependent

A birth certificate may be enough to prove a child's age and who their parents are. But IRCC may ask for a DNA test if you don't have documents or they suspect that the documents are not genuine.

If IRCC asks you to have DNA tests done, you may want to get legal advice. There may be other ways you can prove the relationship.

If the child was adopted in another country, there are many requirements that you have to meet. It's a good idea to get legal help.

If the child is 22 or older, you need to prove that because of a physical or mental condition they cannot support themselves.

You also need to show that they are now and have continued to be financially dependent since before they were 22. For example, you need to include of their physical or mental condition, such as medical opinions, psychological assessments, and test results.

Translating into English or French

If a document is not in English or French, you need to get it translated to one of those languages.

You need to give IRCC:

If you use a certified translator, they can make certified copies of the documents.

If the translator is not certified, you also need to include an affidavit from the translator saying that the translation is true and complete.

The translator cannot be you or a or of yours.

Including a photograph

The photograph that you include will be used for the child's permanent resident card. The photograph must have been taken within the past 6 months and meet all of IRCC’s rules or they'll return your application. 

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