5. Get help to find a job in Canada

Finding work in Canada is not easy if you haven't lived here before. But there are community organizations that can help you find work.

Some agencies can help you write a résumé and cover letter. They can also help you search for jobs.

Other agencies have classes where you learn how to find a job that matches your skills and experience, how to answer questions in interviews, and what questions an employer can’t ask you during your interview.

Employment Ontario offers free employment and training services. They can help you look for work and discuss ways that you can upgrade your job skills.

If you were trained in a regulated profession, such as medicine or law, you can visit the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials to learn about how to have your credentials recognized in Canada.

Conditions on your work permit

You must follow the conditions of your work permit.

If you have an open work permit, you can't work for a business where the government thinks there's a risk of sexual exploitation. This means you can't work in:

  • strip clubs,
  • massage parlors, or
  • escort agencies.

And if you're being mistreated or discriminated against at any job, you can contact your local community legal clinic, the Human Rights Legal Support Centre, or your local settlement agency for help.

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