3. Make your complaint to LECA

If you decide to make a formal complaint, you must fill out the Law Enforcement Complaints Agency's (LECA's) complaint form. You can do this online, or fill out a paper copy of the form.

To get a paper copy you can:

  • download and print it
  • ask LECA to mail you a copy by calling them at 1-877-411-4773
  • get one from any police station in Ontario or LECA’s office in Toronto.

The complaint form asks for:

  • General information, for example, whether this is your first complaint
  • Information about you, for example, your name, and contact information as LECA does not accept anonymous complaints
  • Information about the event, for example, when and where it happened, and the name of the police officers involved

Include as much information as possible on the form.

You confirm that the information you filled out in the form is true, when you sign the form.

If you used an interpreter to fill out the form, they also have to confirm that they interpreted everything accurately and that you understood what they said. The interpreter must also sign the form.

File your complaint

If you complete the complaint form online, your complaint is automatically sent to LECA. You get a complaint reference number by email. Check your junk mail if you do not see the email in your inbox.

If you download an electronic copy to fill out, you can email it to lecacomplaints@ontario.ca.

If you filled out a paper copy, you can submit it in any of the following ways:

  • fax to 1-877-415-4773
  • scan and email to lecacomplaints@ontario.ca
  • bring to any police station in Ontario
  • mail to:
    Law Enforcement Complaints Agency
    655 Bay Street, 10th Floor
    Toronto, Ontario
    M7A 2T4

When LECA gets your paper complaint, they send you a complaint reference number.

Progress updates

If LECA accepts your complaint, you have the right to get updates. LECA will tell you:

  • how they will deal with it
  • what actions they may take, and
  • how they make their decision.

You can also use your complaint reference number to check the status of your complaint online.

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