4. Think about using Early Resolution, Informal Resolution, or mediation

The Law Enforcement Complaints Agency (LECA) may suggest different ways of trying to resolve it before doing an investigation, including:

Early Resolution

Early Resolution happens before LECA decides whether to accept or dismiss your complaint. LECA may decide to suggest Early Resolution for less serious complaints. The process usually takes less than 45 days. During that time, you and the officers or police service involved work together to:

  • understand what happened
  • share concerns
  • actively resolve the issues

Here are a few examples of issues that might be resolved through Early Resolution, the officer:

  • was not polite
  • treated you unfairly
  • damaged your property

Early Resolution is voluntary. This means you, the police officer and the police service involved must all agree to try it. If anyone does not agree, the complaint continues through the screening process. LECA decides whether to dismiss the complaint or investigate it.

If everyone agrees to try Early Resolution, a neutral police officer will act as a facilitator. They will schedule meetings or phone calls. And they work with you, the police officer, and the police service to come up with a resolution agreement everyone is happy with.

The resolution agreement is given to LECA. If LECA approves the agreement, the complaint is closed.

Informal Resolution or Mediation

If you do not agree to try Early Resolution or if it's not successful, LECA may recommend Informal Resolution if they accept your complaint. In Informal Resolution a senior officer works with everyone involved to try and find a solution.

You do not have to agree to Informal Resolution and you can stop the process at any time. You also have 12 days after you agree to a possible agreement to change your mind.

If Informal Resolution does not work, LECA may recommend  Mediation. Mediation is like Informal Resolution but a meditator from LECA rather than a senior officer facilitates the discussion.

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