5. Apply for EI

It's important to apply as soon as you can. If you do not apply within 4 weeks after your employment ends, you'll probably get fewer EI payments.

If you can show that there's a good reason why you could not apply within 4 weeks, Service Canada might accept your application as if you sent it on time. To do this, you must fill out the form Application to Antedate Claim for Benefit.

On the form, you must show that you did what a reasonable person would have done to figure out the rules and apply on time.

Apply to Service Canada

To apply for EI benefits you must fill out an application online. You can also apply at a Service Canada Centre.

If you're not able to apply online or have trouble with the online form, contact Service Canada for help at 1-800-622-6232. For TTY, call 1-800-926-6232.

You should apply as soon as possible. You don't have to wait until you have your Record of Employment (ROE).

Information you need

When you apply, you need the following information for all of your jobs in the last 52 weeks:

  • names and addresses of your employers
  • dates you worked for them
  • detailed reasons for why you left

If you quit any of these jobs, you need information about:

  • what you did to try to fix the problem before you left, and
  • whether you tried to get other work before you quit.

You also need:

  • your and another piece of identification with your photo, if possible,
  • your banking information so your EI cheque can go into your bank account,
  • your mailing address, and
  • the dates and what you were paid for each of your highest-paid weeks in your .

Statement about birth or adoption date

On the EI application, you must say when your baby is due or was born. 

If you're adopting and applying for parental benefits, you must sign a statement that says:

  • when the adopted child came or is coming to live with you, and
  • the name of the adoption agency.

When you’ll start parental benefits

When you apply for maternity benefits, you may know when you plan to use your parental benefits. If you do, you can tell Service Canada staff so they'll know when to switch you to parental benefits.

Reporting to Service Canada

Usually, when people get EI, they must send reports every 2 weeks to Service Canada. The report must include information like any money they earn.

But when you're getting maternity or parental benefits, you do not have to send in these reports. In your application, you must agree to tell Service Canada right away about anything that could affect your benefits, such as money you earn.

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