3. Apply for a TRP

To apply for a (TRP), you need to:

Use the Instruction Guide from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to understand how to apply for a TRP.

Use IRCC's Document Checklist to make sure that you've included all of the important documents. For example, you'll need to include proof that you paid the application fee and your passport photos. See Step 2 for more information.

To have the strongest application, send in your supporting documents with your completed application form.

Where to apply

Mail your application to an IRCC office called a Case Processing Centre if you're applying for:

  • a TRP for the first time, or
  • another TRP from inside Canada.

If you're applying for a TRP at a when you arrive in Canada, you must have the completed application with you.


To apply for a TRP, you must pay $200 (Canadian). IRCC only accepts online payments.

You also have to pay for biometrics. Biometrics cost $85 for one person. The cost for a family is $170. A family is 2 or more people. You need to do biometrics only once every 10 years or when IRCC asks you to.

You don't get this money back if you don't get a TRP.

You don't have to pay a fee to apply for a TRP if you have applied to become a and are waiting for a decision. And there may be other reasons why you may not have to pay to apply for a TRP.

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