Can I appeal a decision about child tax benefits?

2. File an objection

If you disagree with a decision about the Canada child benefit (CCB), you have the right to appeal.

To appeal, you or your must “file an objection” with the (CRA). You may want to get legal help to do this.

If you need to use a legal representative, you can set this up through the CRA. See Step 3.

How to file an objection

There are a few ways to file an objection. You can:

The Eastern Intake Centre is the office that deals with decisions about the CCB for all of Ontario.

There's a sample letter to the Chief of Appeals in Appendix 1 of the CRA's guide called Resolving your dispute.

What information to include

In your objection, you must include:

  • your name and address
  • the telephone number you can be reached at during the day
  • the date on the notice of assessment you got after filing your most recent income tax return
  • the year you filed your last income tax return
  • your (SIN)
  • the name and address of anyone who's acting as your legal representative

You also have to tell the CRA why you disagree with their decision. Be as specific as you can. You should include all of the facts that you know that relate to your appeal.

What documents to include

You should also include any documents that are related to you appeal, including:

  • copies of your most recent income tax return and any notices of assessment
  • letters from your employer, for example, if you need to prove your
  • information about your children, including copies of their birth certificates
  • proof that your child has a disability, if this applies
  • information about your citizenship or status in Canada
  • information about your income and expenses, including receipts and pay stubs

Make sure to sign and put a date on your objection.

Meeting the deadline

If you don't file your objection on time, you'll have to ask for more time. See Step 4.

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