3. Give reasons if you missed the appeal deadline

Beware of scams

People have been getting phone calls with a pre-recorded message telling them their Ontario Works account has been deleted.

This is a scam to trick you into sharing your personal information. If you get a call like that, hang up the phone. You can report these calls to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501.

If you missed the deadline for filing your Appeal Form, the (SBT) member decides at the beginning of the hearing whether to go ahead with your appeal.

They'll go ahead with your appeal only if they decide that you had a good reason for filing your Appeal Form late.

You documents when you give them to the SBT and have followed the rules about how to do this.

Proving you had a good reason

A good reason is something that was beyond your control. For example:

  • You didn't understand the and that you had a right to appeal.
  • Ontario Works (OW) sent its decision to the wrong address and you didn't get it in time to meet the deadline.
  • You weren't able to meet the deadline because you have a disability. This could happen if you have mental health issues that affected your ability to meet the deadline.

Bring that helps show why you missed the deadline. For example, you might need to get hospital records or a letter from your doctor.

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