4. Appeal to the Appeal Division

You must start your appeal to the Appeal Division within 90 days from the date you get the General Division's decision. The  (SST) tells you how to count the 90 days.

Get permission to appeal

You first have to get permission to appeal to the Appeal Division. This is called seeking leave to appeal.

To get leave to appeal, you must show that:

Take part in alternative dispute resolution

If you get permission to appeal, the SST may ask you to take part in alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

In ADR, a member of the Appeal Division leads a meeting with everyone involved in the appeal. The goal is to resolve your differences and reach an agreement. If that happens, you do not have to go to an appeal hearing.

Go to your hearing

If you do not reach an agreement after ADR or do not go to ADR, you have a hearing with the Appeal Division.

When you have the hearing, it's like you're starting your appeal all over again.

You do not have to prove that the General Division made a mistake. You can give new evidence.

And you do not have to send the evidence that you gave to the General Division. The Appeal Division already has that.

The process at the Appeal Division is similar to the General Division.

Get legal help

It's a good idea to get legal help if you go to the Appeal Division.

If you cannot afford a lawyer, a community legal clinic may be able to help you or refer you to someone who can.

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