5. Ask for a review

The Registrar of the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority (RHRA) might tell you that they're not taking any action on your complaint. If this happens, they must also tell you how to ask a Complaints Review Officer to review that decision.

If you want a review, send a request in writing to the Review Officer and the Registrar. You must do this within 60 days after the day the Registrar told you that they were not taking any action on your complaint.

What the Review Officer does

The Review Officer has to tell the operator of your that they're reviewing your complaint.

The Registrar must give the Review Officer:

  • all of the information in its about the retirement home, and
  • any other information they have about the complaint.

The Review Officer can decide what process to use to review the complaint.

If there’s new information

If the Review Officer gets new information that the Registrar did not have and it seems important, they can ask the Registrar to look into your complaint again.

The Review Officer gives this new information to the Registrar.

When there's new information, your complaint is treated like a new complaint. The Registrar must make a new decision about whether or not to do something about your complaint.

If the Registrar still decides to take no action, you can ask for another review by a Review Officer.

The Review Officer’s decision

The Review Officer reviews your complaint and can decide that:

  • the Registrar's decision to take no action was reasonable, or
  • your complaint should go back to the Registrar so they can take further action on it.

The Review Officer has to give a written copy of their decision to you, the Registrar, and the operator of your retirement home.

The Review Officer's decision is final. You cannot appeal it.

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