What can I do if I see abuse in a retirement home?

This question is for people who live, work, or visit a licensed retirement home. It explains what to do if you see or suspect that a resident is being abused.

If a crime is being committed

If a resident in a is being hurt or threatened, call 911. Police can investigate any crimes that take place in retirement homes.

If it's not an emergency, but you think a crime is being committed, you can call your local police station. You can also report a crime without giving your name through Crime Stoppers. Call them at 1-800-222-8477. Or, you can make a report using their website.

Who must report abuse

What you have to do depends on whether you're visiting, working, or living in a retirement home.

The only people who do not have to report abuse are residents of a retirement home. Residents can report abuse. But the law does not say that they have to.

If you're a worker or visitor, you must report abuse. See Steps 2 and 3.

Information about abuse

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There are also laws to protect older adults with developmental disabilities from abuse.

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