Can I get EI if I quit my job?

4. Apply for EI benefits

Even if you are not sure that you will qualify for EI benefits, it is still a good idea to apply.

Be sure to apply as soon as you have at least 7 days without work or pay. If you apply more than 4 weeks after you have an , it may be harder to get approved for EI. If you are approved, you might get less money. This is because there will be a large period of time where you have no hours worked and no money earned.

If you can show there was a good reason why you could not apply within 4 weeks, Service Canada might accept your application as though it was filed right away. This is called an “antedate”. To have good cause for the delay, you must show that you did what a reasonable person would have done to figure out the rules and apply on time.

Apply to Service Canada

To apply for EI benefits you must fill out an application online. If you do not have internet access at home, you can apply at a Service Canada Office using one of their internet kiosks or at a public internet access site like a library.

Before you go to the Service Canada Office in your area, you should call to find out if you need to make an appointment.

If you do not speak English or French, bring someone who can translate for you.

If you quit your job, you will have to provide some additional information and details including:

  • why you quit
  • what you did to try to fix the problem at work before you left
  • if you tried to get other work before you quit

Service Canada staff might interview you by phone or in person. They may also contact your employer. They will then decide if you quit with .

If they decide that you quit without just cause, they will send you a letter that says you are “disqualified” from receiving regular EI benefits. But you might still be eligible for other special benefits like:

If you are denied EI, you might be able to that decision. To appeal means to ask for a different decision. To appeal, you must send a request in writing within 30 days.

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