My employer wants me to have an injury “assessment”. What should I do?

3. Follow what the WSIB says

Your employer can ask the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) to decide if you must go to an assessment.

The WSIB looks at whether an assessment is needed and if it relates to the injuries, diseases, or conditions that you're claiming benefits for.

Sometimes it's the WSIB that says that you need to go to an assessment.

Reasons for an assessment

Your employer or the WSIB may ask you to go for an assessment if it will help:

  • you return to work early and safely
  • clear up differences that health professionals have about your injury
  • explain the nature of your injury, the diagnosis, whether your injury was work-related, how impaired you are, or your physical limitations

The WSIB can also ask you to go for an assessment if it will help you:

  • get back to work in a suitable occupation
  • get the most timely access to treatment that's possible

Why co-operating is important

If the WSIB tells you that you need to go to a medical appointment or assessment, you need to co-operate.

If the WSIB decides that you are not co-operating and don't have a good reason for this, they can reduce or take away your benefits until you do co-operate.

If you disagree with the WSIB, you can appeal the decision.

But, if you because the WSIB says you weren't co-operating, the WSIB could stop giving you benefits while they decide about your appeal.

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