What do I need to know when I’m dealing with the WSIB case manager?

4. Contact the Fair Practices Commission

If you think that someone at the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), such as a case manager or manager, has not treated you fairly, you can make a complaint to the Fair Practices Commission.

The Commission is part of the WSIB but is located outside of the WSIB office. Its job is to make sure that the WSIB operates in a fair way.

Remember, that if you don't agree with a decision that the WSIB makes, you can appeal the decision. This is different than complaining to the Commission about not being treated fairly.

You can contact the Commission through their website or by phone or email.

When deciding if it can look into your complaint, the Commission considers whether:

  • there were unreasonable delays when the WSIB was dealing with your claim, for example, your case manager didn't call you back after you called them many times
  • the WSIB didn't tell you what was happening with your claim in a way you could understand
  • WSIB staff behaved poorly, for example, they were rude or impolite
  • the WSIB ignored important and relevant information about your claim

How to make a complaint

The Commission has a complaints form. In your complaint, you should include:

  • what you would like the Commission to look into, for example, a delay, someone's behaviour, something the WSIB said to you, something the WSIB did or didn't do
  • details about what happened, who was involved, and when it happened
  • what you did to try to solve the problem, including the names of the people at the WSIB that you spoke to
  • how you want your complaint to be dealt with

What the Commission might recommend

After looking into your complaint, the Commission may suggest that the WSIB:

  • do something about a delay or correct something they didn't do
  • give more reasons for a decision
  • apologize to you
  • develop a procedure or protocol
  • review its service standards
  • consider doing more staff training

The Commission cannot help you with an , make a decision about your compensation, or force the WSIB to decide a certain way.

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