I disagree with a decision from OW. What can I do?

2. Ask for an internal review

Before you can appeal to the (SBT) about an Ontario Works (OW) decision, you must ask OW to do an of its decision.

This means that someone in the OW office reviews the decision and decides whether or not to change it. This is a different person than the one who made the decision you disagree with.

Deadline to ask for an internal review

You must ask for an internal review within 30 days from the date you got the decision.

If OW mails its decision to you, the rules say that you get it 3 days after they mail it to you. So your deadline is no later than 33 days from the mailing date.

There should be a mailing date stamped on the envelope by Canada Post. It might not be the same as the date on the letter.

Always keep the letter and the envelope so you can prove when you got a letter or notice.

Step 4 talks about what you can do if you miss the deadline.

How to ask for an internal review

You write to the OW office that made the decision you disagree with and ask them to do an internal review. The office address is in the .

You can write your own letter using this letter writing tool.

What information to include

Make sure to include:

  • your name and address
  • the date on the Notice of Decision
  • the date you got the Notice of Decision
  • your member identification number, which has 9 digits and is on the Notice of Decision

Say that you want an internal review.

It may be helpful to give reasons why you don't agree with the decision. But meeting the deadline is more important than giving detailed reasons.

You can also include new information or documents that help show why you disagree with the OW decision.

A community legal clinic may be able to help you ask for an internal review.

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